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Learn the different colour application techniques when working with COLOUR ALCHEMY.

COLOUR ALCHEMY being applied to hair
Painting of London Bridge

The Artists Behind the Brush Stroke.

Much like the artists of the Impressionist era – a painting style renowned for its small, yet visible brush strokes with an emphasis on the changing qualities of light and shadow – a hairdresser who paints with COLOUR ALCHEMY will too be mindful of their brushstrokes and placement of colour. 

Having already discovered our temporary, holographic hair colour – COLOUR ALCHEMY, co-created with THEUNSEEN Beauty – and how the human eye perceives colour, this article offers practical application tips and artistic insights when it comes to painting on hair.

"From one alchemist to another: take my tools, be curious, be daring, carve your own path and never stop exploring."

– Lauren Bowker, Founder of THEUNSEEN

General COLOUR ALCHEMY Application Tips

Remember COLOUR ALCHEMY is a no-commitment colour; it lasts for 1 wash only and there are five prismatic, colour-changing shades to choose from.

  • COLOUR ALCHEMY is ready to use
  • Apply the product on dry and clean hair, using a brush, sponge or your hands
  • Use gloves whenever applying this product
  • Less is always more, start with a smaller amount and if more is required build-up gradually to ensure a beautiful result
  • Work away from the root area; this area can be easily over coated if too much colour deposit occurs
  • It's best to start at the mid-lengths and/or ends first, then blend into the roots as required
  • No development time is needed, and you do not need to rinse the hair
  • Finish the application by blow-drying the hair to keep the product in place, and to activate the colour change
Calligraphy brush

Small COLOUR ALCHEMY Placements & the Calligraphy Brush

To create a soft highlighting effect on the surface of the hair a feathering technique can be used, this will ensure the product glides effortlessly through the hair leaving a smooth surface paint that has no visible lines from beginning to end. This application technique will create a beautiful strobing effect of holographic colours when the product is activated.

To create this effect, use the calligraphy brush: this essential tool derived from calligraphy artistry is a delicate bristled brush that is soft to the touch and distributes the product seamlessly through the surface of the hair. The tool allows for a soft freehand application; simply feather the product in with a soft wrist motion as though the hair is the canvas for the paint.

To master the small placements using the calligraphy brush consider the following:

  • Pick up the product with the brush and deposit straight onto the mid-lengths first
  • Always work in a feathering motion off the roots, into the lengths. Start flicking the wrist upwards and downwards until the product is seamlessly blended into the hair
  • To create an ombré effect, intensify the amount of product and pressure on the hair as the ends of the hair are reached
  • Always keep tension on the hair strand with your hands

Small COLOUR ALCHEMY Placements & the Sponge

The sponge offers the possibility of hand painting over slightly larger areas or longer lengths – without compromising the pearlescent effect of this type of application. This specially designed tool is designed to give users an easy grip with greater control over the application. It’s also ideal for use across different hair textures.

To master the small placements using the sponge consider the following:

  • Use your fingers to adjust the placement of the sponge in your hands until you find a comfortable grip
  • Ensure the perfect application by starting slightly off the root area
  • Glide the sponge with light pressure for an even distribution and no overcoating

With COLOUR ALCHEMY the beauty of your imagination comes alive in a myriad of vivid colours and styles! Continue learning the application techniques for medium and large placements in COLOUR ALCHEMY: Application Tips and Artistry – Part 2.

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