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Explore more application techniques when applying COLOUR ALCHEMY hair colour.

Painting of a hummingbird

The 'Magick' is in Your Hands.

When working with COLOUR ALCHEMY we move away from photo-quality realism and into a magical colour world deeply inspired by – and connected with – nature. 

Think of a hummingbird's feathers, the colours within are produced by the structure of the feathers; where instead of pigments, the colours are formed as light is refracted by the proteins in the feather, creating beautiful combinations of iridescent colour that change with the viewing angle. COLOUR ALCHEMY mimics the effects of colour in nature but has been developed with science – opening the door to an unexplored world of creativity within hairdressing and beyond.

"To me, alchemy begins with curiosity and the passion to explore. Nature is always changing. It is alive and never static. So why should we be?"

– Lauren Bowker, Founder of THEUNSEEN

Before diving into the following application tips, you'll already be familiar with our holographic colour product, COLOUR ALCHEMY – co-created with THEUNSEEN Beauty – as well as have absorbed the details provided within part 1 of this article (which offers general application tips and advice on smaller placements).

Precision brush

Medium COLOUR ALCHEMY Placements & the Precision Brush

This tool is purposefully designed for a very precise application. This means you can create a stronger strobing effect thanks to its dense bristles; they will contain the product well and deposit only where you apply it. The dome like shape of this brush makes it so that patterns can be painted onto the hair’s surface in a delicate way. The precision brush is the right tool for a medium area in the hair, or a very specific shape or pattern creation.

To master medium placements using the precision brush consider the following:

  • Support your wrist whenever creating a pattern 
  • Keep the same amount of pressure when applying the brush to the hair for an even result
  • You can ensure the perfect application with the help of a balayage board
  • For a light ‘speckle’ effect use the dome shape to create little dots on the hair’s surface

Larger COLOUR ALCHEMY Placements & the Tint Brush

The traditional color brush is a helpful tool to cover even larger areas on the hair and to fully infuse the hair strands with COLOUR ALCHEMY. This staple colouring tool can also provide greater control when creating more geometrical patterns, as well as designs where all the hair strands must be painted. 

The bristles of this brush hardly absorb any product; therefore, it provides great predictability in the amount of product that will be deposited onto the hair.

To master large placements using the tint brush consider the following:

  • Utilise the very ends of the bristles to clearly mark the areas of the hair you will paint
  • To ensure maximum penetration of the product use a comb after every stroke to evenly coat all strands
  • Use the palm of your hand to feel the product going into the hair and avoid over coating

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Tint brush
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