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Explore the cool hair colour trend and discover Dual Application with IGORA COOLS...


Cool Hair Colours
Cool Hair Colour Models

Did you know that cool hair colour services are one of the major business drivers in a salon?

A lot of clients are looking for cool and neutral colour results, whether that's an ashy blonde, a cool brown or even a range of enticing cool fashion tones. But we also know that cool hair colour services are especially challenging: each client’s level of depth and service requirement is different, the techniques and application methods are endless, and clients’ expectations can be very high!

This is exactly why, as #partnersincraft, we've developed our IGORA COOLS portfolio which extends both our permanent IGORA ROYAL portfolio and the demi-permanent IGORA VIBRANCE assortment with a range of true cool shades, perfect for cendré and matte tonal directions.


What exactly is a cool hair colour?

Cool, rich or smoky hair colours are some of the most popular tones. This can range from beautiful cool browns and blondes to earthy tones. For any client, you can create a tailor-made, cool hair colour result with IGORA that perfectly complements their complexion and style. Clients today are increasingly demanding natural-looking colour results for different hair bases, and they are especially seeking services on darker bases to get the optimal level of neutralisation needed to counteract underlying warm undertones.

Cool Colours Shades on Hair
Colour Swatches and Pantone Shades

With the new IGORA COOLS shades – our dedicated range of beautiful cool tones – IGORA and the PANTONE Color Institute have collaborated to leverage a successful partnership that provides in-depth, trusted knowledge on cool-specific colour theory.

Did you know?

The Pantone Color Institute was founded in 1985 to bring together the science and emotion of colour, and one of its most critical areas of focus is colour research devoted to the psychological and emotional meaning of colour.

Cool hair colour – why is it such a crucial salon business driver?

People today are gravitating to cool tones as these shades are very much on trend when it comes to fashion. Fashion-aware consumers are influenced by these trends. Cool colours help to soothe, quiet, and relax us. Cool hair colour tones such as ash and silver, or those with a green or blue undertone are considered pristine, hyper-modern, futuristic, and forward-facing – something very important as we move into a new way of minimalistic living and thinking with understated sophistication.

Cool tones can neutralise warmer tones – whether these warm tones are in hair or in the complexion – they act to neutralise the brassiness, or harshness, of a hair colour, skin tone or undertone. By helping to 'calm down' the warmth in our natural hair colour, they create a flattering and soft match between hair colour and skin tone.

Quiet and peaceful scenery with cool hair shade
IGORA Products

Craft Cool Hair Colour with IGORA COOLS and #bethecolouristyouwanttobe:

Our IGORA COOLS shades offer a dedicated range of beautiful cool tones; ranging from enticing cendré to beautiful ash and jade, allowing you to create the most beautiful cool hair colour results – no matter what your client's hair base is. IGORA COOLS also uses a specific pigment combination that provides the perfect level of neutralisation by counteracting any occurring warm undertones.

Our IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE portfolios both offer a dedicated assortment of cool shades, providing you the perfect tonal directions you need for working on different levels of depth and counteracting the different underlying tones. IGORA COOLS also uses a specific pigment combination that provides the perfect level of neutralisation by counteracting any occurring warm undertones, no matter what your client's hair base is.

Now with specific IGORA COOLS shades, more service opportunities are possible:

5x IGORA COOLS shades for permanent hair colour, 9-11, 9-19, 7-13, 6-23, 6-31

3x IGORA COOLS shades for demi-permanent hair colour, 9-12, 6-23, 4-33

Dual Application with IGORA ROYAL & IGORA VIBRANCE:

We offer complementing shades in the IGORA ROYAL as well as IGORA VIBRANCE portfolio to enable any colourist to work with the Dual Application system for a perfectly equal colour result, without the risk of over-pigmentation. Using the same numbering system for all of our shades, you can perfectly match IGORA ROYAL permanent shades to IGORA VIBRANCE demi-permanent shades:

  • IGORA ROYAL is ideal for high-performance colours with long-lasting results, while IGORA VIBRANCE is perfect for low commitment looks or colour refresh services, using a liquid formula that can turn into a gel or a cream for even more service options!
  • The Dual Application system combines permanent hair colour (IGORA ROYAL) for the re-growth area with demi-permanent hair colour (IGORA VIBRANCE) for the mid-lengths and ends. This method avoids over-pigmentation in hair lengths and ends and leaves the hair in optimal condition for a longer, shinier cool colour result.
IGORA ROYAL product in use
Lesley Jennison colouring hair



Now we have a more complete IGORA portfolio of cool tones, which gives us scope to do everything. Particularly what's wonderful is we now have the opportunity to do a true Dual Application, every single time; whether we're very, very dark or very light, we have every kind of neutralisation to make those ends perfect. Every single time."

–        Lesley Jennison | Global Ambassador


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