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Hear from our Global Ambassador Lesley Jennison and learn Tips & Tricks for working with IGORA COOLS…

Lesley Jennison colouring hair
IGORA Cools styling

Master any cool colour service with IGORA COOLS!

A cool colour service can be demanding and challenging, and clients have high expectations. To help you provide the best experience for every client, our Global Ambassador and world-renowned colourist, Lesley Jennison talks us through her tips & tricks for working with IGORA COOLS.

Achieve a flawless neutral to cool hair colour with IGORA COOLS

The shades within our IGORA COOLS portfolio are formulated with a specific pigment combination to offer the perfect level of neutralisation, counteracting occurring warm underlying tones – even on dark bases. We offer harmoniously complementing portfolios between IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE to truly meet hairdressers’ and clients’ needs, in both permanent and demi-permanent ranges.

IGORA ROYAL is ideal for high-performance colours with long-lasting results, while IGORA VIBRANCE is perfect for low-commitment looks or colour refresh services. Together, any colourist can work with the Dual Application method for a perfectly equal colour result, every time!


IGORA COOLS Tips & Tricks with Lesley Jennison

Learn how to create cool looks using various techniques with IGORA COOLS

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Watch the video above to hear from our Global Ambassador Lesley Jennison, or dive into the details below to read her tips & tricks for working with IGORA COOLS – including Cool Neutralising Services for three key campaign looks!



"Now we have a more complete IGORA portfolio of cool tones, which gives us scope to do everything! Particularly what's wonderful is, we now have the opportunity to do a true Dual Application every single time; whether we're very, very dark, or very light, we have every kind of neutralisation to make those ends perfect every single time."

Diverse Application using IGORA VIBRANCE COOLS 9-12

"One of my favourite colours has to be the 9-12, you can use it in so many ways. You can use it pure, for perfect, strong neutralisation. You can use it mixed with other colours, to give a bespoke colour for your client. Or, you can use it with the 0-00, either lots of 0-00 on pre-lightened hair and you get this perfect, clean blonde…it's incredible. Or, you can use it with less of the diluter, less of the 0-00, and create something that's a little bit more silvery…it's just gorgeous!"
IGORA Vibrance
Ice Toning

IGORA COOLS Cool Ice Toning

"For my soft neutralisation, I did two colours. Underneath IGORA VIBRANCE 9-12 with 0-00 for that beautifully clean, perfect neutralisation. And then on the top, again IGORA VIBRANCE, but with a -19…it keeps it a little bit softer and creates all that beautiful dimension."

IGORA COOLS Cool Spiral Lights

"For my textured look, I used two different lighteners in a back-to-back slice technique. My first was IGORA VARIO BLOND PLUS with 3% | 10 Vol. And my second was IGORA VARIO BLOND SUPER PLUS with 6% | 20 Vol. That gave me different lifts working throughout the whole head, which meant that when I came in to do the toning technique, I could use just one toner and create this kind of myriad of different tones – and my toner was 9-12 from IGORA VIBRANCE with 0-00."
COOLS Spiral Lights Look
IGORA COOLS White Blending Look

IGORA COOLS Cool White Blending

"For my mature look, I did a real favourite technique of mine on this kind of textured hair and this salt and pepper…Which is to take baby, baby strand lights – even less than a baby light – strand lights. I used IGORA VIBRANCE 5-1 with 1.9% | 6 Vol. I kept this panel at the front – this kind of very strong face-framing and into the underneath – and I worked on just an enhancement, working on that beautiful salt and pepper hair with the 9-12 from IGORA VIBRANCE with 0-00 – now this time I used it with 4% | 13 Vol., and the reason for that, that there was some kind of discolouration, some sort of slightly yellow areas. Using it with 4% | 13 Vol. would just kick that out – perfect."
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