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Hear from our IGORA COOLS Guest Artist Grace Dalgleish and learn how she used IGORA COOLS to embody the sombre tones of The Misfits Essential Looks salon trend.

Misfit Trend
IGORA Cools styling

Global Colouration reimagined with IGORA COOLS…

Essential Looks is all about evolving the traditional global colour applications – one of a salon’s most in-demand services, next to lightening – and personalising it to create more interest and impact, customised to each individual client. Be inspired by the monochrome and chic tones from The Misfits Salon Look – crafted by London-based colourist Grace Dalgleish with IGORA COOLS.

The Misfits Trend – Chic, minimalistic and understated

The Misfits Trend from our Essential Looks 1:2023 Collection relies on elongated cuts, textures and cut-outs to add interest and intricacy without overpowering. When it comes to the colour, it’s restrained and sombre, the tones and shapes speak of a wider attitude – a moody exploration of non-conformity. With these key themes in mind, Grace set out to encapsulate the essence of The Misfits with this multi-tonal and incredibly bespoke colour result. 


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Learn how to channel The Misfits using IGORA COOLS

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Watch the video above to hear from our IGORA COOLS Guest Artist Grace Dalgleish or dive into the details below to find out more about how she crafted The Misfits Salon Look with IGORA COOLS


Inspiration behind The Misfits Trend with IGORA COOLS

“I’d like to share with you a mood board so you can get a real feel for what the IGORA COOLS shades are about! You have the contrast between really light and the deep dark, which straight away says to me that IGORA COOLS is for everyone: from the lightest shade right down to the darkest!”

IGORA COOLS shade choice for The Misfits Salon Look

“We decided to go for the 6-23, which is our Darkest Blonde Ash Matte from IGORA ROYAL. We were working on a natural base 4 and we went in with our 6% Developer, so the idea was to just slightly shift the natural base and ensure we had key neutralisation.”
IGORA Vibrance
Ice Toning

Creating a Multidimensional Finish with IGORA COOLS

“We went in with our 7-13, which is our Medium Blonde Cendre Matte COOLS shade from the IGORA ROYAL range. Now, with Giovanna being a base 4, we wanted to lift, so we used the 9% and it just gave us this really multidimensional finish – and yet again, cool results.”

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