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Colour Consultation with IGORA.

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Meet your clients’ wishes when it comes to blonde

When it comes to lifting services, salon clients are asking for more demanding colour results than ever before, including super cool blondes – this of course comes with the desire for healthy-looking and shiny hair, despite a lifting or highlighting service. To achieve this, hairdressers need a range with an even stronger lifting performance and neutralisation power – with added hair protection.

Understanding that no two blonding services are the same, we provide a range of products to empower every colourist to create the most stunning looks, to explore every aspect of their creativity and to meet every client’s need. Which is why we are continuously improving our technologies and product offering!

Be the colourist you want to be with IGORA!

The latest IGORA range to be revamped is IGORA ROYAL Highlifts – we've reworked the current portfolio to include shades based on level 10 and 12, allowing for up to 4 and 5 levels of powerful lift. Thanks to the innovative TrueLift Complex and Bonding Technology IGORA ROYAL Highlifts allows for a more powerful lift, combined with a stronger neutralisation – all whilst protecting the inner hair structure – for the most bright and clear blonde results!

The wider IGORA Blonde portfolio provides colourists with every tool to achieve their clients' desired blonde result, starting with IGORA VARIO BLOND, for the cleanest lightening services, IGORA ROYAL Highlifts, for the coolest blonde results, finishing off with IGORA ROYAL Pastels and IGORA VIBRANCE Pastels for the perfect toning or neutralisation services on light or lightened bases.

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Every professional colour service starts with an expert consultation

No matter the blonde look – or the technique needed to achieve it – turn every salon visit into an exceptional experience for each individual client. 

When a client visits your salon, they have an ‘experience’ from the minute they arrive until they walk out the door. Our signature colour consultation is designed to empower hairdressers in their daily craft. Offering a systematic approach towards client communication, service offering and ultimately ensuring tailored home-maintenance to ensure perfect hair integrity until the next salon visit.

Follow these 5 colour consultation steps and deliver an amazing client experience on every level:

Number one


Regardless of lifestyle and age of the client, start the initial conversation by working with open questions. Use these questions to initiate a conversation, to encourage your client to give you information and to clarify situations. Listen to your clients' hair challenges and wishes and solve them with your hands-on expertise.

Number two


The diagnosis forms the basis of in-salon services and home care recommendation. Define hair type, porosity level and structure, as well as the current colour base, including tonal characteristics and previous colour history. For a fuller analysis, diagnose the hair using hair elasticity and porosity tests and don't forget to observe the client’s scalp condition. 

Number three


A precise and professional colour application is one of the key benefits that will keep your clients loyal to the salon. The perfect application service starts with good preparation, including a well-prepared station with all tools on hand and a precise sectioning pattern. Remember, applying colour to the hair takes a lot of attention to detail: 

  • Targeted application at the area that needs to be lifted
  • Sufficient product application to ensure full surface coverage
  • Keeping timing under control to allow product to develop evenly 
Number four


It's important to close the oxidative process and put effort into after-care! Stabilise the hair with our innovative Hair Sealer before selecting a suitable care regime – talk to your client through the products and steps as you go. Once the aftercare treatment has been applied, ensure even coverage from roots-to-ends to even out the pH level after colouration.

Maintenance Routine

Recommend care products that are based on individual hair needs and lifestyle. This will help your clients to maintain their salon results at home until the next salon visit. For example, offer dedicated BonacureFibre Clinix or Scalp Clinix regimes depending on need, and Chroma ID to maintain the colour result in-between services. Create a personalised care plan and elaborate on what the client’s hair will need to keep the salon results fresher for longer. Give tips and tricks for product usage, as well as on how to integrate them into a daily care routine.

Bonacure products
Hairdresser Lesley Jennison with model

Ready to learn more?

Become a true blonde expert while exploring your creativity! Explore our dedicated seminar offering, including our hero course – THAT SPECIAL BLONDE – where you can perfect the techniques you already know and love whilst discovering new things about blonde services. Learn how to assess a client's skin tone, complexion and eye colour and explore the benefits of colouring with IGORA for even lift, perfect tonal direction, natural shine and amazing hair condition – inside and out. 

“With our insanely clever technologies, I have a limitless palette I can choose from to create any perfect blonde. From palest platinum to buttery beiges, to sun-kissed tones and beyond.”

– Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison. 

For up-to-the-minute tips and tricks keep your eye on @schwarzkopfpro where we reveal the latest product knowledge and insights from Global Ambassador, @lesleyjennison.



When it comes to hair colour, knowledge has no limit! To get your fix of colour coaching, head over to the eAcademy for 24/7 access to FREE education – straight from our experts!

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