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Be inspired by four key blending techniques for men’s hair colour, using IGORA COOLS…

Markus Salm
Markus Salm

Offer a more holistic men’s salon concept with inspiration from Markus Salm!

Markus Salm, our Schwarzkopf Professional DACH Ambassador, talks about the importance of a holistic men’s salon concept and how he offers four key blending techniques using shades from our IGORA COOLS range.

When we think of salon services, it's usually women that come to mind – but let's not neglect our male clientele! For grooming expert, Markus Salm it's important that the whole salon team are trained to offer a consistent approach to male clients looking for a cut, colour or both.


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Watch the video above to hear from our Dach Ambassador and grooming expert, Markus Salm, or dive into the details below to read his thoughts on a holistic men’s salon concept!

Holistic men's concept in the salon

"The most important thing for me is that it is about a holistic men's concept – this includes a men-specific consultation, followed by a uniform hair wash and massage, a men-specific haircut and to finish, a warm or cold compress. It is also very important how men are addressed. In my salon, we specialise in blending techniques; we have a colour share of over 30% because we address and advise the whole topic differently and all of my employees are trained to work in the same way."
IGORA Vibrance

Salon service package for men

"My service package includes time management and price management – this means that the consultation, shampoo, massage, haircut and compress are included in the 30-minute service. Through the targeted, men-oriented advice, I achieve excellent customer loyalty and the opportunity to sell the topic of blending. For me, blending is an important topic in the joint consultation process with our colourists – we offer four blending techniques, where all employees address the topic of colour in the same way...this is a key factor in how I sell colour services for men well!"


1. Grey blending to cover white hair

"This look features extra cool tones with the aim not to cover the grey, but to support it and give it expressiveness. In this look, highs and lows were incorporated with IGORA Silver Whites in order to achieve a multidimensional and wearable result. A perfectly coordinated haircut with a casually structured top and cleanly cut contours seamlessly support the overall look."
Grey haired model
Male model with brown hair and eyes

2. Root shadow to bring depth to the roots & create optical volume

"This blending technique adds fullness and depth at the base...the matte nuances in IGORA VIBRANCE COOLS highlight the model's brown eyes and support the skin tone, while looking completely natural. A soft gradient was created towards the lighter lengths and ends in order to create more volume in the look. This is followed by a perfectly coordinated haircut, where narrow sides, a softly cut contour and a structured top support the blending perfectly." 

3. Smoky quartz blending for a smoky effect

"A perfectly textured haircut with overhangs only becomes ‘a look’ with the right blending. Which in this case was kept particularly natural and cool in order to emphasise the eyes in particular, but also to visually support the skin. Care was also taken to ensure that the blending looks classy, cool and naturally tailored to the person and the haircut."
Male model
Male model with longer hair

4. High & deep blending for highs and lows in longer top hair

"High & Deep Blending features lighter and darker colour accents, as well as more volume and structure – particularly suited to longer hair. Here we have developed a very special timeless and wearable look, in which the sides are kept narrow and undercut. This colour and style is not only suitable for the salon, but also highlights the current trends for upcoming summer looks."

Don’t forget to follow Markus Salm on Instagram for the tips, tricks and look inspiration especially when it comes to male grooming!

Experience cool tone directions with our IGORA COOLS shades!

Our IGORA COOLS portfolio enables colourists to offer shades with the perfect level of neutralisation and long-lasting true cool results to fulfil customers’ most sought-after services – whether that's for female or male salon clients! 

We offer complementing shades in the IGORA ROYAL as well as IGORA VIBRANCE portfolio to enable any colourist to work with the Dual Application system for a perfectly equal colour result, without the risk of over-pigmentation.

Don’t forget!

Cool tones can neutralise warmer tones whether these warm tones are in hair or complexion. They act to neutralise the brassiness or harshness of a hair colour, skin tone or undertone. Cooler tones bring harmony. By helping to calm down the warmth in our natural hair colour, they create a flattering and soft match between hair colour and skin tone.

IGORA Vibrance
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