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Inspirational hair trends for 2022.

ANZ true colours
ANZ true colours
ANZ true colours


This year, we are on quest to prove that creativity in our craft truly can be found everywhere. We bring to you a localised campaign that celebrates the unique flora and landscapes that reflect the continent we love and call home, and our beautiful natural surroundings. Infused with the incredible pieces from Romance Was Born, this campaign proves that inspiration truly is everywhere.

The True Colours campaign has found seven iconic floral bouquets and landscapes that have inspired the unique shapes and unexpected colour combinations found within the hairstyles in these pages. From natural palettes of clays and browns that emulate our rugged coastline, to vibrant sunbursts of coppers and red inspired by our wild botanica, the True Colours campaign traverses both hair innovation, and creativity. Whether it’s adding a subtle twist to reimagine classic lines, or creating surprising and rewarding colour combinations, the True Colours campaign aesthetic presents these naturalist themes with vibrant hues, diverse hair textures, and vivid movements.

At the heart of it all, of course, is a celebration of hair. In our beloved industry, it’s crucial to establish creativity and craftmanship and to hone your own individual style. Whether that be through a modern take on the classics, a beautiful rounded line, or something more ‘felt,’ where hands mould and manipulate – whatever your skill and craft, it is important to celebrate the art of hairdressing as a form of self-expression.

This magazine is designed to be the heart of the True Colours campaign – a real celebration of the creative process. A place to hone your skill, an A2Z to use as an education tool, a source of constant inspiration and innovation, and more than anything — a form of empowerment.


At Schwarzkopf Professional, our mission is to reinvent hair and do it together, with you. Innovation is a key part of our DNA and we hope to inspire and motivate our hairdressers in Australia and New Zealand to create new styles and dive deeper into the Schwarzkopf Professional ranges. We do it together, with a true passion for hair.

Working with National Ambassador Dee Parker Attwood, Head Colourist Kristie Kesic, Guest Artists Jason Fassbender and Nic Shiun, Schwarzkopf Professional Creative Collective members Dylan Hooper, Jacob Perkins and Chin Chin Yeap, and local ASK Educators Olivera Cirillo, we’ve created seven key looks that marry nostalgia, inspiration and newness.

ANZ true colours
ANZ true colours

Once again, we are thrilled to partner with fashion leaders Romance Was Born, to bring to you the much-anticipated True Colours campaign. We celebrate the power of collaborations – creatively greater than the sum of their parts, by bringing together the fashion label with our largest colour brands; IGORA ROYAL and BLONDME. With thousands of beautiful shade combinations and some of the world’s most exciting formulas, this year you’ll see an even deeper focus on colour.