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Cool colour services can be demanding and challenging, starting with an expert consultation will empower you to create the most stunning looks!

Cool Colour Services with IGORA COOLS
Cool Colour Services with IGORA COOLS

IGORA COOLS empowers every colourist to create the most stunning looks!

Our IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE portfolios both offer a dedicated assortment of cool shades; providing you with the perfect tonal directions needed for working on different levels of depth – and counteracting different underlying tones.

Whether that's beautiful cendré, enticing ash or strongly neutralising matte shades for darker bases, IGORA COOLS provides everything you need for those cool colour services.

Cool Colour Services: Consultation is key

In a salon, every service starts with a consultation, and when it comes to cool colour services, we want to provide you with the right tips so that the consultation is as smooth as possible. We also support you with our IGORA COOLS Consultation Tool, which provides colour theory and helps you to find the perfect cool shade for neutralising your client's hair!

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Cool Colour Services with Editorial Colourist Grace Dalgleish

Watch how easy it is to use our IGORA COOLS Consultation Tool

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Now you've seen our IGORA COOLS Consultation Tool, read our in-salon consultation tips to ace those cool colour services!

Colour needs


Start with open questions and listen to your client’s hair challenges and wishes. Remember, it can be particularly challenging with cool colour services because the language used by clients can have different meanings e.g. they often talk about ‘cool’ when they actually mean ‘neutral’ colour results. Our tip is to use visual aids, for example the IGORA COOLS Consultation Tool and before/after pictures, to set correct client expectations and find the perfect cool colour for your client.


The diagnosis step is the base for any service or colour recommendation. For cool colour services, it is extremely important to analyse the level of depth, to understand which underlying tone is going to be revealed and to define the hair’s condition – it will play a big role in how the colour will deposit on the hair.

IGORA Diagnosis
Cools application


For cool shades, do not apply to the area up to 2 cm from the hairline on the first application. Instead, apply a neutralising shade to that area last to prevent over-pigmentation.


To maintain a vibrant and long-lasting cool colour, we recommend care products that are specifically designed to protect coloured hair. Our Fibre Clinix Vibrancy, BONACURE Color Freeze or BLONDME Cool Blondes ranges have specially developed products to keep brassiness at bay or neutralise underlying yellow tones.

Post colour care


Don’t forget to use our House of Color App for extra guidance during the consultation process – it’s THE perfect multi-functional assistant for your daily colour business!

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