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Discover how your salon can become THE #authorityinblonde with our balayage tips from BLONDME…

Five top tips to craft the perfect balayage with BLONDME
Balayage in Salon

There is a blonde for everyone irrespective of skin tone, hair colour, age, gender or lifestyle!

Whatever the market, hairdressers can become THE #authorityinblonde with BLONDME! From the blonde-next-door to high-fashion looks – anything your client desires – hairdressers can break individual boundaries and translate every blonde challenge into a salon service with BLONDME.

Focusing on one of the most requested salon services – Balayage – let's dive into the tools, products, tools and tips to craft the perfect balayage every time, with BLONDME.

BLONDME Clay Lightener

For seamless results and ultimate precision our BLONDME Clay Lightener is the superior choice when it comes to freehand applications. It's soft-to-solid formula forms a shell around the hair, allowing the lightener to stay moist on the inside while unleashing its lightening power within the hair. Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology within the formula creates a protective layer around the hair bonds for minimised hair breakage, meaning no additional bonding additives or anti-metal treatments are needed!

BLONDME Clay Lightener Product
Balayage in Salon

Brushes and Boards

For the perfect balayage, use an angled brush for masterful application. It should have gentle but firm bristles to give the utmost precision. Combine with a balayage board to take your colour work to the next level – aiding faster application and even product saturation when freehand hair painting. Our boards come in two different sizes to aid various applications and product loading needs, featuring:  

  • Improved handle for a better grip
  • Structured surface to prevent drips
  • Curved design, imitating the shape of the head, for better usage precision

When it comes to actually putting product onto hair there are three core application techniques to consider when crafting the perfect balayage for your clients(s) with BLONDME.

Illustration of grown-out balayage

V – Create grown-out effects, for classic balayage.

Illustration of natural-looking effect

W – Create the most natural-looking effect.

Illustration of contouring/framing technique

D – Work diagonally for contouring / framing.

Five top tips for the perfect balayage

Balayage is the ideal salon service for clients looking for a more natural-looking blonde, created freehand, rather than the classic foil highlights. 

1. Cut First
Consider the natural fall of the hair in order to achieve the most flattering results.

2. Tension is Key
Hold the section firmly and make sure that you apply enough product on the hair without penetrating it.

3. Application
Load the product in the middle, then feather upwards, and gradually deposit it towards the ends. Loading at the roots can lead to leakage and bleeding!

4. Visual Check
Take a step back from your work to control your placements by getting a bigger picture. 

5. Game Plan
Beautiful colour starts with beautifully conditioned hair, so make sure to discuss with your client a personalised long-term care strategy using BLONDME haircare.

Model with balayage hair
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Where can I learn more?

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