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We're continuing to reinvent the salon experience with SalonLab 2.0…

SalonLab Smart Analyzer
SalonLab Smart Analyzer

Rediscover SalonLab – Ground-breaking Technology That Reinvents The Salon Experience With Even More Features!

Pioneering the salon of the future, our award-winning Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab Smart Analyzer enables hairdressers to take the guesswork out of which products and services best suit each client’s hair type, by analysing hair at a molecular level – including hair damage, hair colour and now the impact of haircare. 

With SalonLab 2.0 comes a whole host of new features to help hairdressers grow their salon business, whilst salon clients enjoy a truly personalised, data-driven salon experience with tailored solutions to their individual needs!

Working closely with our hairdressing community, we have revamped the Smart Analyzer and connected SalonLab devices to create an even better version for our industry – read on to discover the latest features and join us as we continue to reinvent the salon experience!

SalonLab 2.0 – What's New?

  • New 'Save In-Between' feature allows you to pause and continue multiple consultations
  • Shortened and simplified questionnaire helps you conduct faster consultations
  • To make life easier, stylist accounts no longer require a registration process!
  • Show the impact of haircare with the new 'Before & After' feature to keep track of a client's inner hair strength
SalonLab 2.0

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SalonLab 2.0 – 'Before & After' Feature For Results You Can Track

With the new features, our SalonLab Smart Analyzer can measure both the breakage to naturally-occurring original bonds inside the hair, as well as the impact of the newly-created bonds from using haircare products – for a complete view of inner hair strength.

SalonLab Before Scan (first scan)
The first scan determines the breakage of naturally-occurring original bonds inside a client's hair. This translates to the Base Inner Hair Strength. These original bonds – ‘disulfide bonds’ – can be permanently broken by chemical and environmental aggressors. When these bonds break, the inner hair structure becomes compromised and the outer hair can show signs of frizz, dullness, dryness, breakage and split ends.

SalonLab After Scan (second and subsequent scans)
On your client's second and subsequent appointments, you can now measure the Complete Inner Hair Strength – this represents the inner hair strength, including added strength through their personalised haircare regime.

SalonLab x Fibre Clinix

To better identify individual client needs, your hairdresser expertise is combined with analysis on a biometric level to deeply assess hair condition; providing a truly bespoke in-salon experience. The SalonLab Smart Analyzer uses a NIRS (Near Infrared Sensor) to measure the breakage of naturally-occurring original bonds inside the hair (Base Inner Hair Strength) and the impact on inner hair strength of the newly-created bonds as a result of regular product use (Complete Inner Hair Strength).

With the results, you can recommend a completely customised Fibre Clinix haircare regime, harnessing our cutting-edge Triple Bonding & C21 Technology – a regime that starts in the salon and continues at home. 

Plus, you can now take your service and customisation routines to the next level with our high-performing Fibre Clinix Bonding Oils. Newly developed to deliver deep nourishment and long-lasting repair through bonding properties, our formulas are lightweight, multifunctional and transformative – giving a beautiful boost of smoothness and shine! 

Fibre Clinix Products
Chroma ID Products

SalonLab x Chroma ID

Equipped with a 6-channel sensor component, the Color Sensor on our Smart Analyzer can see and measure a client’s current hair colour, whilst the near-infrared sensor assesses inner hair quality. After analysis, a personalised colour treatment from our mix and tone system, Chroma ID, can be recommended. This treatment-based colour has Integrated Bonding Technology and an intense caring formula, which enables your client's colour to be enhanced without damaging the hair – perfect for maintaining salon-fresh hair colour in-between visits!

SalonLab x Gary Taylor, Global Hair Expert And Salon Owner

We're proud to partner with Global Hair Expert and Salon Owner, Gary Taylor (@garytaylor_edco) for SalonLab 2.0! Gary’s passion for hair and haircare makes him the ultimate craftsman to help further inspire and educate stylists on all things hair-related, propelling salon businesses to the forefront of innovation. Together with Gary, we have co-created a SalonLab Business Tips Factsheet to help you successfully implement SalonLab into your salon.

“SalonLab benefits my business by positioning my salon as innovative. My clients really love it and most importantly, I have increased my revenue with both in-salon treatments and home care.”

– Gary Taylor (@garytaylor_edco), Global Hair Expert and Salon Owner


Gary Taylor
SalonLab Smart Analyzer

SalonLab Education – A Bespoke Training Experience

Along with updated business support from Gary Taylor, we have been working closely with our Schwarzkopf Professional Trainers to create a customisable training programme covering all SalonLab topics and associated brands, with: 

  • Three interactive sessions, physical and/or digital, over several weeks to ensure successful SalonLab implementation
  • Access to our eAcademy where you can deep dive into the topics covered during the training sessions and beyond, 24/7
  • Effective training materials and assets to enhance your promotion and advertising efforts across your social and digital channels
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