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Global Ambassador Lesley Jennison demonstrates how to Highlift & Refresh blonde hair in this IGORA ZERO AMM Salon Service...


Showcasing the Dual Application method, this Highlift & Refresh salon service blends IGORA ZERO AMM shades to reliably highlift and neutralise in one application!

Are your salon clients looking to revitalise their blonde hair? Help them say goodbye to dull tones and hello to a stunning, refreshed look thanks to our IGORA ZERO AMM Highlift & Refresh salon service. IGORA ZERO AMM allows hairdressers to achieve reliable highlift and neutralisation – in a single application – thanks to the lifting power of our 10-series shades (up to 3 levels of lift). The result? Natural-looking, true-to-tone colours that will leave clients feeling confident and radiant – all without the use of ammonia.

IGORA ZERO AMM Dual Application

The key to achieving a perfectly blended, all-over blonde look comes from using the Dual Application method for applying colour. Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison, demonstrates this technique in our IGORA ZERO AMM Highlift & Refresh salon service video. The process involves a root application, followed by a glossing service to refresh the mid-lengths and ends, giving a seamlessly blended and harmonious colour result.

Watch the video below to see how Lesley Jennison creates a beautiful blonde look with IGORA ZERO AMM.

Lesley Jennison

Highlift & Refresh Salon Service with IGORA ZERO AMM

Lesley Jennison demonstrates a revitalised blonde look

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IGORA ZERO AMM and IGORA Product Range

To recreate this look for your clients, you'll need the following colour products:

For the Roots:

For the Glossing:

To start the Highlift & Refresh salon service, Lesley begins at the roots to highlift, covering any regrowth, working with the 10-series for lifting power. To finish, she moves onto the Refresh service to bring the tones together with depth and dimension; here Lesley mixes select IGORA ZERO AMM shades and applies them to the mid-lengths and ends for a gorgeously blended, buttery result. 

Make sure to take note of Lesley’s expert colour tips shared throughout the video – such as elongating and blending the root application for the most seamless blonde results!

Highlift & Refresh Salon Service with Lesley Jennison…
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