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Essential Looks India
Essential Looks India Thinking Behind True Colours

We place hairdressers at the centre of everything we do, and Essential Looks was a live reflection of this key organisational value. Through Essential Looks, we delivered tools and support that hairdressers need today, to become the hairdressers that they want to be tomorrow.

Elysian Fields, a look that was inspired by Virtual Eden, defines futuristic romanticism that is realised by long flowing hair and silhouette-hugging garments. Oneself, takes cue from Selfhood and expresses that the undone textures and youthful optimism are a window into the new generation as well as their carefree pursuit of protopian living, where it’s more about progress rather than perfection. And finally, Beatniks, derived from The Misfits trend represents those who colour outside the lines, who reject the established way of things and live in the shadows.


Schwarzkopf Professional recently announced Essential Looks 2023: India Edition, a flagship property by the brand that delivers key trends in hair. Hair Artist Kollektiv Meisters, Deepak Jalhan and Vaishakhi Haria along with Bony Sassidharan, National Creative Head showcased the trends, colours, techniques and styles for the season across Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. 

Essential Looks, a trend-based educational tool, curated the latest movements in hair and fashion. The curtain raiser for this flagship show was the unravelling of three key global trends - Virtual Eden, Selfhood and The Misfits. Essential Looks reveals that these trends will dictate everything in 2023 - from the catwalk to the High Street. 

Essential Looks India Thinking Behind True Colours

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Commenting on the Essential Looks 2023: India Edition, Deepak Jalhan said:

“I am thrilled to partner with Schwarzkopf Professional to launch the first edition of Essential Looks in India. Over the past couple of months, we worked extensively to curate ideas that are not only artistic but also wearable. Our collaborative vision for Essential Looks was for it to be a platform for all things creative in hair, a tool to predict and direct trends and set a benchmark for fellow artists”.
Essential Looks India Creators
Essential Looks India Creators

Vaishakhi Haria, added to her experience of hosting Essential Looks 2023: Indian Edition and said:

“As a hair artist, I have always wanted to create a property like Essential Looks, a one stop place for the latest hair trends.  When Schwarzkopf Professional approached me for Essential Looks, I was excited on curating it with them. Together, we were able to build a creative platform that will empower artists with the freedom to express themselves. Here’s to many more editions of Essential Looks”.​