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Make every day a good hair day! 

Cool Colour Services with IGORA COOLS

The monsoon clouds have passed. The sun has only just come out.

While it seems like a good respite from the harsh storms, before you know it, it’s humid again! And it’s threatening to sabotage your well-deserved good hair day. Fear not, for the ultimate solution lies within the enchanting world of hair serums!

Cool Colour Services with IGORA COOLS
Cool Colour Services with IGORA COOLS

What’s a hair serum?

Hair serums are liquid-based formulas of silicone compounds and/or silicone oils that work their magic by creating a protective shield over each strand of hair. With this wonder elixir in your kit, you can effortlessly transform your locks from dull to dazzling. 

A good hair serum tames frizz, restores shine and provides hydration. Some hair serums improve hair health too. In comparison, a few others protect against sun, heat, and pollution. There are two types of hair serums: those that work their magic on your scalp and those that focus on the length. 


Difference between Scalp-based and length-based serums:

Scalp-based hair serums play a vital role in enhancing scalp health, which in turn promotes healthy hair growth. To apply this serum, clean your hair and then spread the serum directly to your scalp. Gently massage it in to ensure an even distribution. 

On the other hand, length-based serums are for the length and tips of your hair. These serums are for hair styling and managing frizz. Do not use them on your scalp. 

Cool Colour Services with IGORA COOLS
Cool Colour Services with IGORA COOLS

How to pick the right serum for your hair?

Just like every hair type is different, hair serum formulas also vary significantly. The secret to finding the perfect fit lies in closely examining your hair. Are you grappling with dryness and need deep hydration? Or is healthy hair growth at the top of your priority list? By discerning your hair's needs, you can narrow the search and find a hair serum that delivers exceptional results. 

Fortunately for you, we, at Schwarzkopf Professional, have curated a selection of the finest hair serums tailored for various hair types. 

Read on ahead to find your perfect fit! 

Non-oil based hair serums

Water and cream-based hair serums work best for hair damage reversal and scalp concerns.

Oil based hair serums

This type of serum is best used for styling. They are a quick fix for unruly hair.

While using a hair serum is important for taming and nourishing your hair, achieving the hair of your dreams requires a comprehensive approach. From care to style, find everything your hair needs with Schwarzkopf Professional.