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Bonacure sun protect range

Clean beauty, summer glow and social plastic!

Hot holidays and the summer season can be tough on hair as sun, sea salt, chlorine and warmer weather leave locks feeling dry and dull with an unmanageable look… Thankfully our newly revamped Bonacure Sun Protect haircare range knows exactly what sun-stressed tresses need.

Protect, cleanse and treat all hair types BEFORE, DURING and AFTER sun exposure with our fun, sensorial and multi-benefit everyday helpers. Sun-seekers can forget about poor hair condition or colour fade, and just enjoy themselves with amazing-looking hair, 24/7.

Go for free-flowing beachy waves this summer with Bonacure Sun Protect...

It's easy to extend summer looks beyond the beach and reveal a beachy, sea-kissed hairstyle all summer long with our weightless texture mist – Sun Protect Beach Wave Spray! Watch our quick tutorial to see how our sugar-based hair mist delivers flawless waves and leaves your hair texture soft and smooth.

Explore the full Bonacure Sun Protect range and enjoy those summer vibes!

Not only beautiful, we’re also sustainable and clean – on the inside and out!

There's no need to choose between clean and sustainable or high-performance – we want both! Help your clients achieve an endless summer glow with our advanced technology – featuring cold-pressed coconut oil and clean formulations.

Bonacure Sun Protect uses 100% clean vegan formulas* with NO: sulphates, parabens, silicones, mineral oil, phthalates, artificial colorants or microplastics. Our packaging is planet-friendly and fully recyclable, plus:

  • All Sun Protect plastic tubes use 50% recycled and recyclable materials
  • Our 10 in 1 Summer Fluid uses 100% recycled and recyclable materials, whilst its folding box uses a minimum of 83% recycled & recyclable materials

*Free-from animal derived ingredients.

We're also proud that our Sun Protect Beach Wave Spray bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, not only that – this plastic is in fact 'Social Plastic®'.

Bonacure sun protect range
Sun protect beach wave spray

What is Social Plastic®?

Social Plastic® is the plastic that is collected and sorted at collection centres to be reintroduced into the recycling value chain as Social Plastic®. This has been setup by Plastic Bank, a for-profit social enterprise that builds recycling ecosystems in under-developed communities in an effort to fight both plastic pollution in oceans, as well as high poverty levels in developing countries.

Social Plastic® has been verified by Plastic Bank to indicate that the collectors received an above-market price for the plastic waste. This can enable single mothers, for example, to support their families and pay for their children to attend school. Social Plastic® can be used in products or packaging, contributing to closed-loop recycling and a circular economy.

We've been working with Plastic Bank since 2017 to address both environmental and social challenges, reducing plastic waste.

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Where can I learn more?

Try our dedicated Sustainable Salon Practices seminar, designed to help you to make the right choices when it comes to being more sustainable in the salon. From best practices and impactful guidance to bullet-proof product knowledge and ‘clean’ services, we will equip you with everything you need to up-skill your sustainable business practices without compromise!

EDUCATION Seminars eAcademy


Master any in-salon service by staying on-trend with the latest colouring tips and tricks and essential product knowledge over on the ASK Education eAcademy.