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Learn about the different hair and scalp types to find the best beauty care!

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What are the different Hair and Scalp Types?

To properly care for both the hair and scalp, it's important to understand the differences; there are four typical hair and scalp types that most individuals will fall into – Oily, Dry, Balanced and Mixed.

Just like there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare, the same applies to both the hair and scalp. The condition of the skin, hair and scalp largely depends on the amount of sebum an individual produces.

Sebum is an oily, waxy substance, often described as 'the body's natural oil', which moisturises and helps to protect against moisture loss. The production of sebum is a natural process that adds strength and lustre to the hair shaft. However, diet, blood circulation, emotional distress, medication and the natural ageing process can all influence sebum production.

How can I Care for Oily, Dry, Balanced or Mixed Hair & Scalp?

This is where professional products can really help! Our extensive range of skincare-inspired hair and scalp products have been developed specifically to compliment individual needs and work towards producing strong, healthy and naturally beautiful hair. This is all supported by a healthy scalp condition; it's the first step in achieving beautiful hair.

Hair and scalp types fall into the following broad categories, with a specific beauty care regime recommended to properly rebalance and cater for over, or under active sebum production:

Bonacure Clean Balance

Oily Hair & Scalp Type

Over-active sebaceous glands produce an excess quantity of sebum, which can make hair limp and lank. This may be due to hormonal changes, often evident during puberty or menopause. Many people actually have a naturally oily scalp, which can result in greasy hair. Fair hair is much finer than dark hair, meaning it is more susceptible to excess oil.

With this in mind, using a high-quality shampoo that can cleanse without stripping the hair of essential moisture and nutrients is essential to caring for an Oily Hair & Scalp Type. Our Bonacure Clean Balance range with Tocopherol (known as Vitamin E) has been formulated to remove product build-up and protect from free radicals and pollution. It's a great way to remove environmental pollutants and create a fresh hair feeling for up to 24 hours.

Dry Hair & Scalp Type

When hair lacks moisture, it lacks shine, elasticity and bounce, it is harder to manage and can become brittle. Dry hair looks dull and lifeless and is also more susceptible to breakage. In fact, dry hair can only be stretched 15% of its overall length before breaking, whilst healthy hair can be stretched up to twice this amount, and even more when wet! A common cause of dry hair is dehydration; water retention can measure between 4 and 13% of overall hair volume.

Whilst a change in lifestyle can make all the difference (heat styling, frequent swimming, dry hot climates are just some of the causes), there are actually many products available to help nourish the cortex and smooth cuticles – helping better retain moisture. For example, our Bonacure Moisture Kick range with Glycerol (also known as Glycerin) rebalances and delivers optimum levels of moisture to even the driest hair to improve manageability by up to 72%*, increase shine and eliminate static. It's recommended to provide perfectly supple, shiny, moisturised hair results that are full of elasticity and bounce.

*In regard to the Moisture Kick Conditioner

Bonacure Moisture Kick

Balanced Hair & Scalp Type

Balanced, or 'normal' hair is shiny, supple and fuller looking; it's largely the result of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle, combined with good a strong haircare routine, using the right products for individual needs. Washing hair 1-2 times per week, using formulas that are free-from sulphates, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, micro-plastics and artificial colourants, should be efficient to care for an already Balanced Hair & Scalp type.

Mixed Hair & Scalp Type

Over-active sebaceous glands, combined with a poor scalp condition may create an excess of sebum; this can be absorbed back into the scalp, preventing essential oils from travelling the length of the hair shaft. The scalp in this condition is a common cause of Pityriasis Steatoides, AKA Dandruff. Mixed Hair & Scalp Types often have dry, frizzy ends that are prone to breaking, with oily roots. 

But not to fear! We have specialist ranges that target exactly these conditions. Our Bonacure Scalp Genesis range is our 1st holistic detoxifying scalp system developed to instantly rebalance the scalp; helping to secure the hair's quality for the future. It's been specially created to address – and work against – scalp imbalances such as oily scalps, sensitive scalps, dandruff prone scalps and hair loss.

When it comes to frizz, you're not alone as almost 90% of women dream of more manageable, smoother hair with long-lasting frizz control! Luckily our Bonacure Frizz Away with Babassu Oil (a non-drying oil rich in antioxidants) is designed to take control of thick, frizzy, coarse or curly hair, it has an ultimate frizz-control formula.

Fully understanding the Hair Growth Cycle is also a helpful way to pre-empt and identify the potential issues that can occur within the scalp and hair at different stages – read our article with tips from Trichology Expert, Wil Fleeson (@wilfleeson) to learn more.

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