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Meet Patricia Nikole, AKA @PaintedHair, our US Artistic Ambassador.

Patricia Nikole smiling at camera on pale background
Patricia Nikole and blonde model showing each other ideas on tablet and phone


In the dynamic world of hairdressing, few names resonate as profoundly as Patricia Nikole, also known to her vast following as @paintedhair. Patricia's journey from an art-inspired youth to a pioneering figure in hair colour innovation is a source of inspiration for many and we're beyond proud to have her as Schwarzkopf Professional US Artistic Ambassador.

Her unique approach, blending traditional artistic principles with hairdressing techniques, has helped redefine the expectations and possibilities within our industry. We're thrilled to present an exclusive interview with Patricia, offering insights into her career, her passion for the LIVED-IN BLONDE trend, and her collaboration with us here at Schwarzkopf Professional.

1. Can you share a bit about your journey in the hairdressing industry and how you started your career as a creative hairdresser?

"As a young girl, I enjoyed painting on canvas and styling my friends' hair in grade school; I loved making my friends look and feel their best! After receiving a full scholarship to pursue a career in hairdressing, I continued my education and experimentation, trying to expand my craft and develop my unique expression and interpretation of hair colouring! I drew inspiration from my knowledge, passion and love for art as a young girl and applied some of those very same principles to hair colouring, which has allowed to me grow creatively as a hairdresser!”

2. What inspired you to become a hairstylist and how has your journey evolved over the years?

"I dreamt of being a hairstylist, even as a little girl! I knew it would be the most fulfilling job for me and I resonated with the idea of changing someone’s life through beauty! I also did Mexican ballet, and the intricate detail of hairstyling inspired me so much."

3. As a well-known Hair Artist, what do you find most rewarding about your profession?

"I have the honour and privilege of sharing my art with the world. I absolutely love creating stunning transformations and teaching others how to recreate these looks through the best techniques and products. Finally, I can inspire and empower artists all over the world – I truly am blessed!"

Patricia Nikole assessing blonde model's hair in salon
Patricia Nikole showing blonde model Fibre Clinix Vibrancy range treatment and shampoo

4. Can you tell us about some of your memorable experiences or projects in the hairdressing industry?

"I’ve travelled the world creating looks for many global campaigns, co-created iconic products (and found a new love for research and development) and I’ve had the unique opportunity to inspire and educate so many hairdressers all over the world! There are so many endeavours that I’ve been proud to be a part of!"

5. Why do you enjoy working with Schwarzkopf Professional? Are there specific aspects of our products or philosophy that resonate with you?

"I am so honoured to be named the first-ever US Artistic Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional! I love that Schwarzkopf Professional is an innovative leader in hair colour and care products and I am so excited to join a brand and community that aligns with my values; and is inclusive, innovative, and inspiring!"

6. In your opinion, what sets Schwarzkopf Professional apart from other brands in the industry?

"I have used many products throughout my career, but I can honestly say that using Schwarzkopf Professional products every day in the salon enables me to create without limits as a hairdresser! Whether I’m formulating from the IGORA, BLONDME, or tbh – true beautiful honest palettes for my colour services, or choosing BLONDME for its unmatched lighting system, I can approach my work with confidence and inspiration! My clients leave feeling beautiful and empowered from the results I can achieve using the full Schwarzkopf Professional portfolio!"

7. Could you share some of your favourite Schwarzkopf Professional products and how you incorporate them into your creative work?

"BLONDME and IGORA are some of my favourite colour brands! With BLONDME's full lightening portfolio, I am confident that I can achieve all of my lightening goals, which is why BLONDME is my go-to for all of my lightening and care needs; it allows me to make my salon guests look and feel their best! The full IGORA Colour portfolio is also incredible and allows for full creative freedom, no matter what the vision is! Using BLONDME and IGORA allows me to create my award-winning Multidimensional Painted Hair™ looks! By using Schwarzkopf Professional’s products, I can accommodate any salon guest and formulation scenario that I’m faced with."

8. Blonde hair is a significant trend. What attracts you to working with blonde shades, and do you have a favourite Schwarzkopf Professional blonding product or colour range?

"I love blonde shades because there is such a huge range of tones! Formulating for a bespoke blonde look allows me to be extremely creative and push my art; as well as elevate my salon guest’s look! I am able to create stunning blonde looks that are trending in the world with ease because Schwarzkopf Professional’s products are equally innovative and practical! BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ is one of my favourites and is a staple in some of the most iconic looks that I’ve created! I love this lightener because it is a maximum lift, Bond Enforcing Lightener that lightens up to 9 levels, enforces bonds within the hair fibre and provides advanced neutralisation and improved haircare when used with the BLONDME Premium Developer! Finally, I'd love to emphasise to the hairdressing community and consumers that blonde is truly for everyone!"

Patricia Nikole showing blonde model BLONDME Care Cool Blondes Neutralizing Mask and Neutralizing Shampoo
Model with short blonde bob wearing white suit on white background

9. The LIVED-IN BLONDE trend has gained huge popularity. How do you approach creating a LIVED-IN BLONDE look, and are there specific techniques or products you prefer for this style?

"I like to work with a lightener that is powerful yet nourishing (which is why BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ is one of my favourites!). My application and placement respects and incorporates the natural tone of the hair, while adding lighter pieces throughout to tie a seamless blend together. This creates a striking bold LIVED-IN BLONDE look that is truly bespoke and low-maintenance!"

10. What advice do you have for fellow hairstylists looking to excel in the industry, especially in the context of evolving trends like LIVED-IN BLONDE?

"Always stay up-to-date on the latest trends! Be sure to pay attention to and draw inspiration from others in the beauty and entertainment industry! Also, don’t be afraid to create your own interpretation of a trend and/or to attempt to create a new trend entirely! Finally, be sure to access all of the complementary resources and education available on the ASK Education eAcademy – it's a FREE online learning library!"

11. How do you stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in the hairdressing world?

"It is important to observe what is happening in the industry – social media being the best and first place to start! Observe which looks are trending; which ones are receiving the highest engagement/feedback and what is the tonal and styling direction. How could you emulate this on your own guests? How can you expand on it? These are some fundamental questions we should all consider when creating the most sought-after looks our salon guests want! Also, it is helpful to know the "Color of The Year" set by Pantone (Peach Fuzz is this year's - embracing the warmth). Another inspirational resource is the Essential Looks Collections from Schwarzkopf Professional!"

12. What upcoming trends or changes do you foresee in the hairdressing industry?

"Keeping in line with this year’s theme of 'Embracing The Warmth', I see a continued interest in multidimensional and bold colours; pushing traditional colour techniques to create striking, multidimensional looks that make a powerful statement and express ultimate individuality."

13. Can you share a challenging situation you've encountered in your career and how you overcame it?

"I was raising two small children on my own for the first 9 years of my career. It was difficult to balance personal life and business obligations for a really long time! Social media allowed me to stay ahead of the curve and grow in numerous ways I could have never imagined!"

Model with short blonde bob wearing black shirt and black shiny trousers
Patricia Nikole conducting a client consultation with brunette model

14. As a creative professional, how do you balance staying true to your style while also adapting to the changing preferences of clients?

"I believe that a hairdresser should have a complete fundamental understanding of the craft. Not only should a hairdresser execute their technical knowledge with mastery, they should also have a true understanding of the craft!"

15. Are there specific Schwarzkopf Professional educational resources or workshops that have been particularly impactful for your career development?

"Yes! I absolutely love the ASK Education eAcademy! Whether you are brand new to the Schwarzkopf Professional portfolio or are experienced and need a refresher, the ASK Education eAcademy offers an online library of courses and content that will be an invaluable resource to any stylist looking to elevate their craft and expand their knowledge!"

16. How do you approach client consultations, especially when discussing and planning blonde hair transformations?

"Client consultations for blonde hair transformations are so important when discussing and deciding their desired look and the practical direction! It will also allow you to assess their hair condition and discuss an optimal home maintenance routine."

17. In your experience, what are some common misconceptions or myths about blonde haircare, and how do you address them with your clients?

"One of the biggest misconceptions is that pigmented shampoo needs to be used on blonde hair daily! Following the manufacturer's and your hairdresser’s directions will give you the best results when it comes to maintaining your beautiful blonde hair!"

18. Can you share a few haircare tips for maintaining healthy, vibrant blonde hair?

  • "Choose the right shampoo for your hair type! Your stylist can assist you in selecting the right haircare choices for all of your blonde needs (e.g. BLONDME All Blondes Rich Shampoo)
  • Incorporate regular deep conditioning treatments to nourish and strengthen blonde strands (e.g. BLONDME All Blondes Rich Mask)
  • Minimise heat styling when possible and always use heat-protectant products to shield your hair from damage when using hot tools (e.g. BLONDME Blonde Wonders Restoring Balm)
  • Schedule regular trims to prevent split ends and maintain the overall health of your blonde hair
  • Use cool water when rinsing hair to help seal the cuticle and enhance shine
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair gently, this will likely result in a reduction in breakage"
Product painted onto short yellow-blonde bob
Patricia Nikole applying foils to blonde model in salon

19. How do you handle the intersection of creativity vs client expectations, especially when it comes to colour transformations?

"With a true understanding of the craft, a hairdresser is able to convey and explain the theories and practicalities in an educational or consultation setting; whether to a fellow hair artist or a salon guest! Once you have achieved this level of mastery, it will always be possible to formulate for, and interpret in your own style, the latest trends and salon guest preferences!"

20. What role do social media and online platforms play in your career, and how do you leverage them to connect with your audience and clients?

"I love how connected we all are as an industry because of social media! I have connected with, and have met, so many friends and fellow hair artists through social media; it has also allowed me to have a voice in this industry and share my creativity with the world! Social media has opened up so many doors in my professional career; I’ve been privileged to have the most amazing opportunities and to partner with some of the best companies in the world – such as Schwarzkopf Professional! I feel honoured to be able to use my platform as a source of inspiration to other hairdressers globally... There has never been a more exciting time to be a hairdresser!"

Don’t forget to follow Patricia's work on social media via @paintedhair, as well as our Schwarzkopf Professional channel, @schwarzkopfpro for the latest trends and educational hairdresser snippets, including everything LIVED-IN BLONDE!

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