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Understand what the LIVED-IN BLONDE trend is and how it can boost your salon business…

Boost Salon Business with LIVED-IN BLONDE


In the fast-paced world of hair fashion, trends come and go, but some manage to stand the test of time and captivate the hearts of clients and stylists over and over again – blonde hair, or more specifically 'LIVED-IN BLONDE', has done just that.

The introduction of a dedicated LIVED-IN BLONDE Salon Service marks a significant moment for Schwarzkopf Professional as we focus on a service that can be beautifully achieved with our primary hair colour brands, including IGORA and BLONDME.

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So, what exactly is LIVED-IN BLONDE?

Blonde remains the number one choice for salon services, but it's no longer about uniformity: it's about embracing individuality. LIVED-IN BLONDE is as diverse as your clients, offering a whole spectrum of looks… and a whole spectrum of salon services!

These range from premium blondes to bolder, attention-grabbing looks – ultimately it’s a shift away from the one-dimensional, all-over blonde look towards something more dynamic and personal.

The LIVED-IN BLONDE trend is all about creating a naturally sun-kissed, low-maintenance and effortlessly chic look. Unlike traditional high-maintenance blonde styles, this trend prioritises a relaxed, grown-out appearance. It's about achieving that perfect balance between blonde and natural-looking roots, creating a harmonious blend that complements a client's skin tone and lifestyle. 

How are LIVED-IN BLONDE Salon Services good for Salon Business?

For salon owners and professionals, the LIVED-IN BLONDE trend is a win-win situation. 

Customisation & Client Loyalty:
Offering clients more bespoke services means salons can charge a higher price for personalisation. The key is in creating a customised LIVED-IN BLONDE service for the individual client's needs and adapting the required shades to their skin tone and face shape. Additionally, clients who fall in love with their LIVED-IN BLONDE look tend to become loyal customers. They trust their specific hairdresser to maintain their unique style, fostering strong client-stylist relationships that last.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing:
Satisfied clients are more likely to recommend the salon and stylist to friends and family. Positive word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable for salon businesses and can lead to an increase in new clients.

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Repeat Business:
The low-maintenance nature of LIVED-IN BLONDES ensures that when clients need to return to the salon, it is for more profitable services over their previous, more regular root touch-ups. This consistent stream of higher-value business contributes to stable salon revenue.

Creative Expression:
Stylists have the opportunity to showcase their artistic flair by personalising each LIVED-IN BLONDE look to suit the client's face shape, skin tone and lifestyle. This artistic expression keeps stylists engaged and excited about their work. A positive and engaged salon team fosters a great environment for clients, plus when stylists are feeling confident, they'll tend to see better results when it comes to OTC sales.

Blonde Aftercare & Maintenance:
Thanks to our innovative Bonding Technology, salon clients can maintain their look at home easier than ever before. From customised homecare regimes to semi-permanent colour masks, our assortments offer the right products to not only preserve a LIVED-IN BLONDE look but to also prolong the delicate nature of blonde colour reflections.

LIVED-IN BLOND Colour, Techniques & Education

With a LIVED-IN BLONDE Salon Service, multiple techniques are at a hairdresser's disposal, from foils to freehand applications, the possibilities are truly endless. By using specialist techniques and products, such as IGORA VIBRANCE – with Integrated Bonding and Moisture Protecting Complex Technologies – all hair types remain in tip-top condition, with shine, care and minimised breakage.

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Maria Roberts colouring hair
“My clients always love when I work with darker and lighter touches and a more pronounced face-framing to achieve the desired result!”

 – Hair Artist, Maria Roberts (@mariaroberts25).

When it comes to education, we're keeping a firm focus on providing you with all the tools to translate the latest trends, and those upcoming, into commercial salon reality. Delivered through Blended Learning – a blend of physical and digital learning – we have a whole host of blonding education already available, spotlighting LIVED-IN BLONDE.

We'll continue to support trend drops to boost our trainer's confidence, with train-the-trainer events and specialist masterclasses, supported by continuous online learning opportunities on our FREE hairdressing training portal; ASK Education eAcademy.

In the meantime, you can keep up-to-date with the latest in the world of LIVED-IN BLONDE and more over on our socials – make sure you're following @schwarzkopfpro on Instagram for daily inspiration!  

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Where can I learn more?

Explore our world-class Colour, Backbar, Styling and Visionary seminars; developed to enhance the skills you already have and help you do what you do, better.

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Master any in-salon service by staying on-trend with the latest tips and tricks and essential product knowledge over on the ASK Education eAcademy.