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Whether you're a professional hairdresser or a DIY self-styler, OSiS has got you covered!

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We understand that self-expression isn't just about how you look, it's about how you feel too! OSiS champions this statement with an innovative styling portfolio that goes beyond external appearances. Whilst achieving your desired look is of course essential, with OSiS the emphasis is placed on the emotional and psychological aspects of self-expression. 

Designed to empower every individual through unlimited self-expression, OSiS gives you the tools to showcase your creativity, whether you're a professional hairdresser or DIY self-styler!

Be inspired to embrace your unique style and personality with 6 mini hair tutorials, full of diverse character and edge... all you need to do is #JUSTADDYOU.

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Watch how Ai crafts a slicked-back look

Product tip! Dreaming of genderless styling with endless possibilities? OSiS G. Force is the product of choice for Ai to achieve his androgynous look. It provides a reliable hold level, allowing the hair to be moulded into any desired style. For a super slicked-back look, use the product on wet hair and shape with a wide-tooth comb – ensuring the product is distributed evenly.


See how Ernie creates his ‘undone bun’

Product Tip! Ernie showcases the ultimate hair transformation – from his rock persona to his professional alter ego with help from an ‘undone’ bun – but there’s nothing corporate about this look! To retain his unpolished style, Ernie reaches for styling OSiS Dust It to add grip, volume and messy texture.

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Discover the ultimate curl combo with Georgia

Product Tip! Perfecting her ‘I woke up like this’ curls, Georgia likes to create knock-out definition and pumped-up volume, but with minimum effort. Life is busy and time is short – but cute curls can be achieved in minutes with a cocktail of OSiS Tipsy Twirl and OSiS Bounty Balm. Applied on damp hair, it helps to enhance and prolong Georgia’s style – OSiS Tipsy Twirl provides definition and hold, whilst OSiS Bounty Balm softens the hair to reduce frizz. 


Dive into texture styling with Fynn

Product Tip! Looking to channel Fynn’s ‘too cool to care’ vibe? OSiS Mess Up enhances the de-constructed, DIY style of Fynn’s haircut, creating undone matte texture and different levels of depth that look totally effortless. Why not brave it like Fynn and apply OSiS Mess Up only to those areas you want to exaggerate? Or if super-even texture is the goal, distribute the product all over your hands first to create a consistent layer before applying it to the hair. This is versatile styling for those turning it up, or dialling it down!

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Enjoy another take on curls with Sory

Product Tip! Sory’s coils need a lot of moisture, so OSiS Curl Jam is his perfect partner. The product's dual consistency allows you to combine the definition and hold of a gel, with the moisturisation and smoothness of a styling cream. For a match made in hair heaven, pair with OSiS Bounty Balm (1:1) for an extra dose of suppleness! ...Don’t be afraid to use a lot of product as the more textured the hair, the more it will be begging for a hit of hydration!


Go for a glow finish with Kelly

Product Tip! Kelly’s hair is naturally pin-straight, but her layered cut creates a beautiful texture that frames her face. OSiS Glow is her perfect partner for picture-perfect hair – to enhance her look and achieve a clean finish with extra shine. OSiS Glow can be applied both before blow-drying for smoothness and shine, and after as a finishing touch to define the look and tame flyaways. What’s more, this product is super lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about overburdening!

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