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Lifestyle consultation tips for your salon clients.

tbh – true beautiful honest Hair Colour
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Hair Colour to Suit Your Clients' Lifestyle Choices

We understand that multidimensional techniques like Balayage, Ombre, Highlights, Pastel Toning and Microlights continue to dominate salon services, as your clients seek natural-looking colour results that enhance their individual beauty. We've also found that an increasing number of clients are looking for hair products from brands that have values which are consistent with their own, such as:

  • Individual Needs – they aim to find personalised beauty experiences
  • Clean & Vegan Formulas – they seek clean and vegan formulas from brands with ingredient transparency
  • Sustainable Packaging – they want to do their part for the environment by using products with sustainable packaging

Our newly improved tbh – true beautiful honest formulas provide an enhanced true, beautiful and honest experience from the inside out. Featuring multidimensional coverage which enhances, not hides, the hair’s existing highs and lows, giving each salon client a personalised “my hair but better” colour result.

tbh – true beautiful honest

Colour Consultation Guidelines

The foundation of every successful colour service is clear communication in the consultation process. It is important to listen to how your client describes their desired end result to give you an idea of how to formulate their request. It is equally important for you to ask your client the right questions, so that there is a clear understanding from both sides of what to expect. Lifestyle questions can help you identify which techniques and services would work best for the client in their day-to-day. 

We've put together three key steps to understand who the ideal tbh – true beautiful honest colour client is and what they are looking for.

tbh – true beautiful honest Hair Colour
tbh – true beautiful honest colour

1. Identify Colour Aspirations

Start your colour consultation by assessing your client’s expectations for their appointment. Are they looking for a longer or shorter colour commitment? To maintain or change their colour? As tbh – true beautiful honest provides multidimensional coverage, the end results are influenced by the starting base of the hair. Pay attention to how they describe their desired results. If you hear these following buzzwords, tbh – true beautiful honest would be a good match:

“Dimensional, melted, seamless, my hair but better, subtle, lived-in, blended, natural-looking.”

2. Identify Lifestyle

Discuss your client’s tolerance for colour maintenance to identify the right target group.

  • Are they looking for something that is low maintenance, or are they open to coming back for touch-ups often? 
  • Are they concerned about obvious regrowth in-between services? 
  • Assess your client’s inclination towards ingredients and sensitivities. Do they have any sensitivities to ammonia? 
  • Do they like to incorporate more naturally derived ingredients in their beauty routines? 
  • Is the tbh – true beautiful honest vegan formula and PETA-certification something they would recognise and appreciate? 

Asking these questions can help you to identify an ideal tbh – true beautiful honest client.

tbh – true beautiful honest lifestyle

3. Identify Physical Traits

Based on your client’s physical traits, you can identify which tbh – true beautiful honest colour worlds would suit them best. 

Cool tones
Cool – Skin tones appear pink/blue in fair skin tones, appears purple/red in medium and deep skin tones. Eyes are usually blue, green, pale brown or grey.

Warm tones
Warm – Skin tones appear yellow in fair/light-medium skin tones, appears peachy or golden in medium-dark/deep skin tones. Easy are usually, brown, amber or hazel.

Neutral tones
Neutral – Show a mix of both warm and cool skin tones, olive tones are usually seen.

Once you've identified a client's skin tone, also identify the existing level(s) of your client’s hair by referring to the chart (the first column reference to the level of depth, the second the undertone). As tbh – true beautiful honest is a multidimensional colour it is important to consider the impact of the hair’s natural undertones and how it may impact the tonal result and shade selection. 

As a rule of thumb, natural shades will support up to 100% multidimensional coverage. Cool shades will help to counteract the underlying warmth, so you can achieve a neutral colour result even on darker bases, or an extra smoky touch on lighter bases. Warm shades will further enhance the natural hair base and are designed to further accentuate warm results.

tbh – true beautiful honest


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