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Recap on all the details from THE color event of the year – Schwarzkopf Professional #ColorCrafters...

ColorCrafter Event
Mermaid Hair Colour

For the second consecutive year, our #ColorCrafters event brought twenty-eight diverse Creators together for an unforgettable experience – bringing the #partnersincraft spirit to life through color!

By working together with hairdressers, stylists and industry professionals, we truly push the boundaries of creativity. Read on to learn about the event, the creators and of course the color – it'll leave you buzzing with inspiration for your next color creation!

What is the Schwarzkopf Professional #ColorCrafters Event?

It's THE color event of the year all about sharing and expressing a love of color and creativity under the motto, “Be the colorist you want to be”.

“Be the colorist you want to be” originates from Schwarzkopf Professional's flagship color brand, IGORA ROYAL. The concept is simple – it's an encouraging reminder that everything needed to be the best is already inside every colorist. As a colorist’s partner in craft, Schwarzkopf Professional truly empowers every hair artist through mutual trust for professional partners to learn and grow. The #ColorCrafters event was a celebration of all things color for the Creators to be inspired, to connect and to create together – with a special focus on blonding and the iconic power of #BLONDME.

Wet coloured hair

Meet the #ColorCrafters Creators

Meet the 2023 #ColorCrafters Content Creators! This talented group of twenty-eight hairdressers span over 22 countries: amassing over 4.1 million followers on Instagram and 3 million followers on TikTok.

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Recap on the #ColorCrafters Event

With so much passion for hair and a love for color on show, the energy at #ColorCrafters was electric and full of motivation. Some colorists had met and worked together before; for some, it was completely new – but it didn't matter either way as everybody came together as a team to make true colour magic happen. 

Hosted at Ewerk Berlin – a space with an authentic industrial ambience – we worked our magic to create different zones, interactive ‘fun hubs’ and photo sets, in addition to color, styling and ‘working hubs’. The working hubs were at the core of content creation, with each hub being completely personalized to the individual creator – all perfectly optimized for the very best filming environment.


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Day 1

Day 1 focussed on connection, education and inspiration. To kick-start their creative journey, participants were treated to a captivating show where eight of the creators presented the latest blonde trends. Fully embracing the power and influence of social media in today's beauty industry, the Creators also had the opportunity to learn tips and tricks for creating engaging videos and images of their final looks, color processes and #hairhacks.  

Day 2

Day 2 saw the Creators dive into authentic artistry, exploring the possibilities of working with different hair textures and lengths. They unleashed their artistic flair, crafting a multitude of vivid and captivating looks that showcased the true power of our color worlds.

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Hair being coloured

Where can I learn more about #ColorCrafters?

#ColorCrafters is a true celebration of craftsmanship, partnership and the unlimited creative potential of hair – yet this is just the beginning of an exciting journey that will continue to unfold... So, if you're eager to see the creations, make sure to keep an eye on the #ColorCrafters hashtag. You can also follow Schwarzkopf Professional's global (@schwarzkopfpro) and local Instagram accounts for updates, hair how-to tutorials and hairdressing insights.

“What I enjoyed most about this event was truly the people; I love connecting with hairdressers! Since moving away from my day-to-day hairdressing duties, I feel like it's always so inspiring to reconnect with the community – #ColorCrafters was the perfect opportunity to do this. Each of the Creators are beyond talented; I genuinely love these guys!’’

– Milagros Rodriguez (@miliroad), Schwarzkopf Professional's Creative Content Manager

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