Chroma ID Black and White Portrait of Edoardo Paludo
Chroma ID Bonding Color Mask Yellow and Pink Products

Chroma ID is all about color customization!

The semi-permanent mix and match system has been developed to express individuality – from loud and bold, to soft and muted (and everything in-between!) Chroma ID can be mixed to create endless results.

To help salon clients find their true hair color identity Color Experimentalist Edoardo Paludo (@edoardopaludo), talks color mixing and tonal variation with Chroma ID. 

If you don't already know Edoardo, he is one of the world’s leading hair colorists; combining the creativity of an artist with the technical prowess of a master craftsman. Born in Milan and now based in London, his dynamic color work has been published in Vogue, won awards, and has even been included in fashion exhibitions. He’s also one of the creative powerhouses responsible for Chroma ID – so who better to tell us more about it?



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"It’s not just a color; it’s also a conditioning product, so it really benefits the hair as well as giving a fresh new look. It’s also extremely versatile; you can mix shades to create a color that is totally bespoke to you. What I love about Chroma ID is that what you see is what you get – you know exactly what finished result you’re going to achieve before you apply it."

"The beauty of the product is that it’s not permanent color, so you can just go for it and try out something new. Don’t be afraid of just playing with the products and having some fun, living life in bold color!"

“I recommend buying a different color to the one you tried in the salon so that once it starts to fade you can introduce a new tone and create something different. The joy of Chroma ID is that it washes out beautifully so if you bring in another color as it starts to fade, the shades will start to merge and create something new and totally bespoke – ask your hairdresser what's right for you.”

“Use a combination of tones! Nothing in life is just one flat color, so use different shades to create something really beautiful.”

Explore the unmissable creativity in Edoardo's work over on Instagram and to discover the shades, techniques and products available within Chroma ID visit for unique audio-visual training by hairdressers, for hairdressers!

Colourist Edoardo Paludo at work