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Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison, showcases an effortless White Hair Blending technique in this salon service...


In our White Hair Coverage salon service, Global Ambassador Lesley Jennison showcases an effortless White Hair blending technique using IGORA ZERO AMM.

Are your salon clients seeking white hair coverage with natural-looking results? IGORA ZERO AMM has got you covered with a dual application technique that effortlessly blends white hair, ensuring a seamless and true-to-tone finish! 

In today's world, salon clients are becoming increasingly conscious of their lifestyle choices and their impact on the environment. They seek products and services that not only deliver exceptional results, but also align with their values.

This growing demographic of individuals often value sustainability and natural-looking hair colour options. IGORA ZERO AMM offers a high-performance solution with up to 100% white hair coverage – that's free from ammonia and ammonia odour.

White Hair Coverage Salon Service

The key to achieving flawless white hair coverage lies in the dual application method used with IGORA ZERO AMM. Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison, showcases an effortless White Hair Blending technique in this salon service.

Lesley Jennison

White Hair Coverage Salon Service with IGORA ZERO AMM

Watch the video to see how Lesley seamlessly blends select shades from our IGORA ZERO AMM hair colour portfolio:

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For the Roots (white hair coverage):
IGORA ZERO AMM 5-60 + 7-42 (1:1) + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 6% | 20 Vol. (1:1)

For the Colour Refresh (effortless white blending):
IGORA ZERO AMM 7-42 + with IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Lotion 1.9% | 6 Vol. (1:3)

The process involves initially colouring the roots with IGORA ZERO AMM to cover any white hair. During the white hair coverage application, the permanent Fashion & Cover colour is saturated onto the areas of non-pigmented hair. When working on resilient white hair, it is recommended to layer the targeted areas with sufficient product, to ensure perfect coverage and even deposit of tone. Then, slightly lighter shades of IGORA ZERO AMM are applied through the mid-lengths and ends to refresh and enhance the overall colour. Throughout the video Lesley Jennison also shares her tips & tricks for working with a dual application method, ensuring a completely blended look – this particular salon service is ideal for more mature salon clients, or those seeking white hair coverage.


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