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Global Ambassador Lesley Jennison walks us through a cool balayage salon service…


Dive into a classic, cool balayage look crafted with the use of BLONDME lightening products, followed by toning with IGORA ZERO AMM!

In this cool balayage salon service, Global Ambassador Lesley Jennison takes us through the process of achieving stunning balayage results using our IGORA ZERO AMM range, after precision lifting with BLONDME.

One of the standout features of IGORA ZERO AMM is natural-looking results. The ammonia-free formula allows for a more gentle and pleasant colouring process, minimising sensitivities and resulting in hair that looks and feels healthier! With this range, you can achieve a beautiful, head-turning balayage without compromising the health of your client's hair.

Cool Balayage using IGORA ZERO AMM

Throughout the tutorial, Lesley shares her insider tips and tricks to help you master the art of balayage. From choosing the right techniques and products to applying the colour with precision, Lesley guides us through every step...

Balayage Look

Cool Balayage Salon Service with IGORA ZERO AMM

Lesley Jennison crafts a head-turning balayage look

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Watch the video to see our Global Ambassador create a beautiful cool balayage with a mix of freehand and foils, using the following hair colour products:

BLONDME Clay Lightener

For The Balayage

First, Lesley emphasises the importance of sectioning the hair properly before starting the balayage. By dividing the hair into manageable sections, you can ensure even application and a seamless blending of colours. 

Lesley then moves onto the lightening process – she shares her expert tips to achieve the perfect lift, including how best to lighten finer hair types by back-combing and feathering! 

For The Colour Refresh

• Colour 1 – IGORA ZERO AMM 8-19 + 8-46 (1:3) with IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Lotion 1.9% | 6 Vol. (1:3)

• Colour 2 – IGORA ZERO AMM 8-46 + 9-1 (1:3) with IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Lotion 1.9% | 6 Vol. (1:3)  

During this cool balayage salon service, Lesley also showcases the improved colour direction, coverage and neutralisation* properties of IGORA ZERO AMM. This means that you can expect true-to-tone results with beautiful coverage – even on stubborn white or grey hair, with up to 100% coverage. Our trusted IGORA formula also ensures long-lasting colour that stays vibrant, giving you and your clients complete confidence!


IGORA ZERO AMM and Essential Looks Models

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