OSiS+ Soft Glam


Undone is in the Air

The new glamour is moving away from 'perfection' – it's effortless and understated, authentic and natural.

Create soft feminine hairstyles you can touch – be it undone curls & beach waves, natural tousled hair textures with a sea-salt look or versatile braid hairstyles. Discover this fascinating world of imperfect styles created with the latest braiding and dedicated air-dry techniques, and embrace Undone Glamour with OSiS+ Soft Glam.

OSiS+ Soft Glam is the first female styling range infused with liquid minerals for styling performance with natural movement and luminous shine. Featherlight formulas with liquid minerals spread to form an even film that laminates the hair and creates a smooth, highly reflective surface – for a mineral shine effect and touchable styling performance.

Undone Techniques

Undone Techniques

Embrace undone glamour techniques with OSiS+ Soft Glam.

Soft Glam Looks

Soft Glam Looks

Discover how to achieve effortless undone looks with OSiS+ Soft Glam.

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