Supreme Keratin


Components – What Is SUPREME KERATIN Made Of?

  • Reinforcing and strengthening hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Nourishing Vitamin C
  • Mild acid pH 3.2-4.5 (comparable to a regular hair treatment)

Keratin – What Is It & Why Is It Needed?


The human hair is made out of 95% Keratin. Keratin is a combination of various amino acids. In the hair Keratin has different forms:

  • Outside: Flat Keratin cells organised as roof titles
  • Inside: Fibres made of keratin coils, embedded in a matrix made of keratin 'cement'

Action – How Does It Work?

  • Replenishing the hair structure to promote vital and healthy looking hair
  • Resurfacing the cuticle layers in order to tame and smooth unruly, frizzy hair and to enhance shine
  • Durable re-shaping of the hair to improve manageability