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Lesley Jennison answers your most frequently asked questions

What is the difference between SUPREME KERATIN and a chemical hair straightening treatment?

Chemical hair straightening (usually Alkaline & Thioglycollate based) changes the shape of the hair fibre permanently. Using the reducing agent Thiogllycolate to open up the disulphide bonds between the keratin coils thus enabling the reshaping of the hair and re-sealing the disulphide linkages via an oxidation process to permanently maintain the hair in its new shape.

These chemical reactions have a noticeable impact on the condition of the hair. SUPREME KERATIN is a total different service. It’s based on Keratin infusion, which is triggered by heat and Vitamin C and acts as a mild reducing agent with a low acid pH. It does not contain Alkaline & Thiogllycolate. It works predominantly by re-modelling the hair’s internal linkages and resurfacing the cuticle layers thus taming and smoothing unruly unmanageable hair.

How much time should I plan in for the full service?

This will of course depend on hair type and hair length. An average of 2 to 3 hours is generally necessary.

On what kind of hair types can I use SUPREME KERATIN?

SUPREME KERATIN can be applied on all hair types including highlighted, bleached, coloured and virgin hair, that has not been treated with any chemical service before.

Note: SUPREME KERATIN does not 'relax' African-Caribbean hair types.

Can pregnant and nursing clients get this treatment?

Yes, SUPREME KERATIN does not contain chemicals that are dangerous for pregnant or nursing women.

Can the client swim in a salt/chlorine pool or in the ocean after the treatment?

Yes, without any problem. We do recommend to apply a generous amount of the Smooth Conditioning Gloss Mask after you enter the salt/chlorine water. This will aid the longevity and provide optimum results.

Can clients keep their natural curls?

The big advantage of the SUPREME KERATIN Service is that the hair is not only dramatically easier, and faster, to style 'sleek', but also preserves hair’s bounce and elasticity, allowing curly clients healthy looking, soft hair with voluminous waves.

How long does the result of the treatment last?

Depending on the daily washing routine the treatment lasts up to 12 weeks, pre-condition is that the specially designed SUPREME KERATIN home care regime is used.

Can I colour the hair after a SUPREME KERATIN Treatment?

Hair can be coloured directly or any time after SUPREME KERATIN service, no matter if semi- or demi or permanent colours.

Can the client wash their hair on the same day as having the treatment?

YES. The first shampoo will even be done in salon right after the ironing in of the Keratin Infusion.

Note: SUPREME KERATIN is a rinse-off treatment unlike other products. The minute the clients leave the salon, the hair can be washed, worn in a pony tail, clips and pins can be used!

Is there any maintenance care needed with the treatment?

We strongly advise using the three specially designed home care regime products: the SUPREME KERATIN Smooth Extending Shampoo, the Smooth Gloss Mask and the Boost Shine Drops.

All three products have been specifically developed to optimise the treatment’s long-lasting results for up to 12 weeks and should always be followed as instructed. The importance of SUPREME KERATIN maintenance regime should be discussed with the client initially during the consultation.

Blow drying & styling the hair at home with a suitable brush is essential in maintaining the smooth effects.

When can the client come back for the next SUPREME KERATIN treatment?

The SUPREME KERATIN Service can be re-applied after 30 days.