BLONDME Lift & Blend

Ideal for mature clients looking for sophisticated blonde looks, BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lift & Blend provides ultimate white hair coverage, lifting hair and blonde toning in one. When intermixed with BLONDME Premium Developer, achieve up to 4 levels of lift and optimal white blending results on a natural base 6 and lighter, with 30%-70% white hair.


Maintain an impeccable mature blonde look.

BLONDME Lift & Blend is especially suitable for mature blonde clients who are looking for a sophisticated blonde look. By lifting up to 4 levels and perfectly blending in white hair, Lift & Blend is especially recommended to maintain a natural-looking blonde without creating a helmet effect.

Our commitment to a sustainable future.

With sustainability at heart, at Schwarzkopf Professional we are committed to taking further steps when it comes to reducing our global footprint. 

BLONDME Lift & Blend packaging uses the following materials:

  • Tube - 100% recycled aluminium
  • Cap - 100% recycled plastic
  • Folding Box - min 93% recycled cardboard


  • BLONDME Lift & Tone Ice Shade


  • BLONDME Lift & Tone Sand Shade


  • BLONDME Lift & Tone Ice Irisé Shade

    Ice Irisé

  • BLONDME Lift & Tone Biscuit Shade


  • BLONDME Lift & Tone Ash Shade


  • BLONDME Lift & Tone Brown Mahogany Shade

    Brown Mahogany




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BLONDME Golden Textured Background

Salon Client Type

BLONDME Lift & Blend is for blonde clients, base 6 and lighter with 30-70% white hair, who are looking to maintain their blonde as naturally as possible with maximum white and grey hair coverage. This client is very cautious about preventing damage to their often delicate hair, and so a hair colour product that is specially formulated for mature hair should be used.

Available in 6 different tone directions: Ice, Sand, Ice-Irisé, Biscuit, Brown Mahogany, Ash.

What it Does

  • Up to 4 levels of lift for natural base 6 and lighter with 30-70% white hair 
  • Optimal combination of lifting and white blending for mature hair
  • With Integrated Bonding Technology to protect the hair fibre during processing, for minimised hair breakage
  • With the Advanced Bonding System, BLONDME is the go-to bonding Colour & Care brand delivering professional hair products for utmost blonde perfection without compromise in 3 steps – Bond Protection, Bond Creation and Bond Maintenance
BLONDME Lift & Blend Cream Box & Tube

How to Use

Always intermix the BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lift & Blend hair lightening cream 1:1 with BLONDME Premium Developer. For levels 6 and 7, BLONDME Premium Developer 12%/40 Vol. For levels 8 and lighter, BLONDME Premium Developer 9%/30 Vol. Apply onto dry hair, do not shampoo beforehand. Apply the mixture in fine sections immediately after preparation. Use a generous quantity of the product in order to ensure the best possible lifting result.

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From the Experts

For perfect blonde results, enhance mid-lengths and ends with the recommended BLONDME Toning Service.

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What's in the Product

Aqua (Water, Eau)* Propylene Glycol* PPG-1-PEG-9 Lauryl Glycol Ether* Phenoxyethanol* Potassium Hydroxide* Xanthan Gum* Carbomer* Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate* Coco-Glucoside* Ethanolamine* Parfum (Fragrance)* Resorcinol* Sodium Sulfite* Potassium Phosphate* Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside* Xylitylglucoside* Arginine* Lysine HCl* Succinic Acid* Anhydroxylitol* N,N-Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl)-p-Phenylenediamine Sulfate* 2-Methylresorcinol* Etidronic Acid* Niacinamide* Panthenol* Xylitol* m-Aminophenol* Geraniol* 2,4-Diaminophenoxyethanol HCl* Glucose* Hydrolyzed Keratin* Potassium Sorbate* Sodium Benzoate

BLONDME Lift & Blend Tube Paste with Brush
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Lift & Blend offers an optimal colour blending opportunity with either a full head virgin application or a re-growth application.

Optimal lift and white blending due to the unique combination of lifting and colouring. BLONDME Lift & Blend provides up to 4 levels of lift while creating a perfectly balanced colour blend in 6 different shades. Create most beautiful, natural blonde results without a helmet effect!

BLONDME Lift & Blend can blend up to 100% white hair when used on natural bases with a white hair percentage between 30% and 70%.​

In general, it is possible. However, please note that by intermixing BLONDME Blonde Toning, the lift performance might slightly decrease.

Rely on BLONDME for superior blonde hair quality, even in the most demanding of situations.

BLONDME Blondes of the World Collection Of Models With Various Hair Colours, Cuts and Styles