Every colourist has their own story to share.

Kuvassa Viola Landsky, Randolph Gray sekä Shy ja Flo

Get to know the colourists behind our beautiful IGORA ROYAL looks.

This article gives the spotlight over to three creative hair artists who have worked in collaboration to craft our latest colour looks, as featured within the Essential Looks Royal Glory Collection. Each of the trends have been developed to showcase IGORA ROYAL’s new-look streamlined portfolio – with the same trusted formula.

Viola Landsky, Randolph Gray and Shy and Flo Knittel are just a few of the inspiring colourists we teamed up with when creating the beautiful looks for each of the IGORA ROYAL colour worlds. These looks have been crafted with IGORA ROYAL’s ethos at heart; to truly empower every colourist to be exactly who they want to be, from one day to the next.

This is your opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the talented colourists behind the looks and also find some inspiration while you’re here!

Essential Looks Magical Whimsy – malli, jolla violettisävyhuuhdeltu Pixie-leikkaus

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Viola Landsky


Open. Eager. Colourful. 30 years a colourist, Viola Landsky has been a Schwarzkopf Professional trainer for over 16 years and has worked with Schwarzkopf Professional Global Colour Ambassador Lesley Jennison @lesleyjennison since they met in Tokyo in 2010. Discover the full Magical Whimsy trend here.

Viola created this beautiful high-shine Catwalk Look with iridescent, pastel-y depths for our Magical Whimsy trend using IGORA ROYAL HIGHLIFTS 12-1, 12-2. IGORA ROYAL 9.5-49, 0-99.


Magical Whimsy – Mallilla on violettisävyhuuhdeltu Pixie-leikkaus, sivuprofiili
Magical Whimsy – Mallilla on violettisävyhuuhdeltu Pixie-leikkaus, etuprofiili
Magical Whimsy – Mallilla on violettisävyhuuhdeltu Pixie-leikkaus, takaprofiili
Viola landsky magical whimsy tutorial

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“IGORA ROYAL’s amazing Highlift shades can create this kind of blonde without bleach!”

Viola Landsky

Viola Landsky värjää hiuksia
Randolph Gray
Värjäri Randolph Grey työssään

Randolph Gray


Strong. Proud. Impactful. Fashion Week regular, Randolph Gray has created runway looks for everybody, from McQueen to McCartney, Gucci to Chanel, and many more. His private clients span Beyonce to Gabriel, Kyle MacLachlan to Woody Harrelson. Randolph is also a vastly experienced International Educator!

Randolph created this modern, multifaceted brunette Salon Look for our Back to Classics trend using IGORA ROYAL 9-98, 7-76, 5-6, IGORA ROYAL Pastelfier. Discover the full Back to Classics trend here.


Essential Looks Back to Classics – ruskeahiuksinen malli, jolla pitkät, suorat hiukset

“It always amazes me what you can do with red, yellow and blue."

Randolph Gray
Essential Looks Everyday Decadence Salon Look Lesley Jennison
IGORA ROYAL Colourists

Shy + Flo


Innovative. Original. Passionate. Shy and Flo are creative soulmates, who share a salon in Zurich and a passion for colouring hair, that’s helping to discover the individual in everyone. They don’t believe in limitations, but they do believe that colouring hair should always inspire!

Shy and Flo created this striking tie-dye inspired Salon Look for the Artful Feeling trend using IGORA ROYAL 8-21, 8-0, 5-4, 4-46, 6-46, 7-55, 0-55, IGORA VARIO BLOND Plus, Chroma ID Yellow, Blue.


artful feeling image
artful feeling image
artful feeling image
Shy and flo artful feeling tutorial

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"For us, creativity always rules"

Shy + Flo Knittel

Essential Looks Dark Romance Salon Look Lesley Jennison


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