OSiS+ Kill Routine


Kill Routine With OSiS+ Style Weapons

OSiS+ Core Range

Stuck in a styling rut? Following the same daily routine? Need some fresh inspiration? OSiS+ inspires you to 'Kill routine', with consistencies & products that are sure to inject some energy and creativity into your salon. Get inspired and reveal the individuality of each of your clients and create their unique style!

OSiS+ Glamination


Undone is the New Glamour


The new glamour is moving away from 'perfection' – it's effortless and understated, authentic and natural. Embrace Undone Glamour with OSiS+ Glamination and discover the fascinating freedom of imperfection.

OSiS+ Session Label


Backstage Styling Performance


OSiS+ Session Label brings session styling performance and premium styling precision into your salon for unlimited hair reinvention.

OSiS+ Style Shifters Product Philosophy


Liquid Waxes

Spray It. Shape It. Shift It.

You’re always shifting?

Never slowing down?

Doing one thing in the morning?

Another at night?

Need a new style on the go? Go for it.

OSiS+ Style Shifters, the 1st liquid waxes for effortless style reinvention – moment to moment, day to night.